Homemade by Helena | Super speedy lemon curd recipe

February 14, 2013

Lemon curd

Helena Murch

‘If you’ve never made this scrumptious yellow elixir and love the zinginess of lemons you must try this easy lemon curd recipe,’ says Helena, ‘It’s great to make with kids as the change in consistency is like a science experiment – feel free to don the white coat and goggles.’

Before you start:

1. If you don’t keep chickens, try and find someone who does and buy their free range eggs as they will give the yellowest and tastiest result.

2. Seek out suitable jars or pots to use. These will need to be sterilised so that the curd can be kept for longer. There are two ways to do this: either clean the jars in the dishwasher, or heat the oven to gas 4/180°c and once jars have been washed and rinsed, place them on the shelves and leave for 20 minutes while you’re cooking.

Super speedy lemon curd

Lemons 4 (or 8 limes) juice and finely grated zest
Unsalted butter 200g cut into small chunks
Castor sugar 200g
Fresh large eggs 4, beaten


1. Put the juice, zest, sugar and butter into a heatproof bowl and place in the microwave and on full power for 20 second bursts, stirring between zaps until the sugar has dissolved but the mixture is not too hot. Take care with small (and not so small) people during the heating up stages.

2. Bring the bowl away from the microwave and add the egg slowly, whisking all the time.

3. Return the bowl to the microwave and heat on full power for 3 minutes, then take out and stir well at minute intervals.

4. Get ready to pot the curd. Remember, never add hot food to cold jars or vice versa as this can cause the glass to become unstable and break. Add wax discs and lids and some fancy homemade label adornment. Eat within a week.


One Response to Homemade by Helena | Super speedy lemon curd recipe

  1. evelyn dainty says:

    this is great and very easy to make

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