Explore our favourite recipes from the Food Insider’s Guide – we’ve got everything from starters and salads to main dishes and desserts

  • Fika’s havrekakor

    Fika's havrekakor recipe
    Give fika a go with Elin Fry of Fika Bristol’s recipe for havrekakor oat biscuits. Make this Swedish tradition a part of your day
  • Trout and fennel gravadlax

    Trout and fennel gravadlax
    No Scandi feast is complete without gravadlax. At Yeo Valley the team uses fresh trout from nearby Blagdon Lake
  • Scallops with seaweed and lime butter

    Scallops, seaweed and lime butter recipe from The Mariners Public House in Rock, Cornwall
    ‘Scallops can be very expensive, which is why it’s important to find the best, cook them simply and savour every bite,’ says Zack Hawke
  • Strawberry arctic roll with strawberry milkshake

    Strawberry arctic roll recipe
    This classic arctic roll recipe has been brought bang up-to-date, served with strawberry milkshake and roasted and macerated strawberries
  • Panfried lemon sole

    Lemon sole with blood orange
    Barbora Stiess shows us how to tackle a tricky beurre blanc sauce with her simple step-by-step guide
  • Cuttlefish fritters

    Cuttlefish fritters
    Serve these delicious cuttlefish fritters with tangy pickled vegetables for an impressive starter or light lunch
  • Squid ink garganelli pasta with crab and pangrattato

    Squid ink garganelli
    ‘Italian’s wouldn’t usually use garganelli pasta with a crab recipe, though we like it,’ says Andy Appleton of Fifteen Cornwall
  • Cointreau and rhubarb cheesecake

    Rhubarb cheesecake
    Chef Matt Buzzo pairs rhubarb with Cointreau for this indulgent cheesecake recipe, which is strictly for adults
  • Amalfi lone tree cocktail

    Amalfi Lone Tree
    Chef-alchemist Ben Pryor of Poco in Bristol uses Amalfi lemon bitters in this deliciously fresh gin cocktail recipe
  • Warm treacle tart

    warm treacle tart Outlaws
    ‘We serve these tarts with a caramelised banana ice cream and rum syrup,’ says Tom Brown, head chef of Outlaw’s
  • Loin of lamb with wild garlic and morels

    Loin of lamb, pea puree, wild garlic, braised lettuce and morels
    Head chef from The Olive Tree Chris Cleghorn has chosen morels and wild garlic to bring a spot-on seasonal touch to this lamb dish.
  • American style pancakes

    American pancakes
    Serve Richard Davies’ thick American-style pancakes in a stack topped with caramelised banana
  • Herb crusted cod

    Herb crusted cod
    Adie Babb, of The Royal Seven Stars Hotel, shares his delightful herb crusted cod recipe served with butternut squash puree
  • Seville marmalade

    Seville marmalade
    Seville oranges are at their best in January and February so make the most of them with this delicious marmalade recipe
  • Loin of lamb with pea puree and sweetbreads

    Lamb with sweetbreads
    Treat the other half to this indulgent lamb dish served with pea puree and sweetbreads from William Guthrie of Buckland Manor
  • Zarzuela des mariscos (Catalan seafood stew)

    Catalan fish stew
    Cook up a Mediterranean storm with this Catalan fish stew recipe from chef Julian Alcaraz of Southernhay House
  • Slow braised beef cheeks

    Beef cheeks
    Try using a more unsual cut with this beautifully rich, slow-cooked beef cheek dish from chef Paul Collins of Fodder @YVHQ
  • Sharpham Elmhirst cheesecake

    Sharpham Elmhirst Cheesecake
    A twist on the classic cheesecake, this recipe uses award-winning Sharpham Elmhirst cheese making it extra indulgent
  • Roasted radishes with garlic and rosemary

    Roast radish
    A beautifully mellow and fragrant dish, this is an ideal side dish to be served alongside the Christmas turkey
  • Crispy monkfish with spiced tomato compote

    Crispy Cornish Monkfish
    The Bath Priory’s head chef Sam Moody shares his zingy recipe for crispy monkfish with tomato compote and curried mayonnaise
  • Goujons of lemon sole with parmesan breadcrumbs

    Goujons of Lemon Sole
    These delicious lemon sole goujons are one of those “one taste and you’ll want to finish the lot” dishes
  • Scallops with pea puree and a bacon velouté

    Pan-fried scallops with pea puree and a shallot and smoked bacon veloute
    Michael Caines shares his indulgent recipe for panfried Brixton scallops served with pea puree and a shallot and bacon velouté
  • Vanilla and cinnamon hot chocolate

    Vanilla and cinnamon hot chocolate recipe
    Cosy up with a mug of hot chocolate flavoured with cinnamon and vanilla, using Chris Tanner’s indulgent recipe
  • Cranberry relish

    Cranberry relish
    Homemade cranberry relish is tangy and delicious so our Christmas gift to you is a recipe you’ll use year after year
  • Broccoli, Chantenay carrot and brussel sauté

    Broccoli, carrot and brussel sprouts
    Add Chantenay carrots and broccoli to your sprouts this year and there’s no way they’ll be leftovers on Boxing day
  • Stollen cake

    Stollen cake recipe
    Make the perfect Christmas stollen cake with this recipe by Ben Bulger of The Magdalen Chapter in Exeter
  • Crushed swede and black pepper butter

    Crushed swede and black pepper butter
    ‘Swede is a humble vegetable that’s full of flavour, and I think it represents the winter season,’ says chef Martin Adams
  • Roasted carrots with pomegranate and orange

    Christmas Carrots
    Chef Ben Bulger shares his festive roasted carrot with pomegranate and orange recipe, the perfect side dish for the big day
  • Celeriac with apple, sage and cream

    Celeriac with Apple, Sage and Cream
    Why not try something a little different on the big day, this side dish compliments slow roasted pork perfectly
  • Turkey casserole with cider and cranberries

    Turkey casserole
    This creamy turkey casserole with cider and cranberries is the perfect way to use up your leftovers and it freezes brilliantly too
  • Turkey strudel with wild mushrooms and chestnuts

    Turkey Strudel
    Get creative with your Christmas leftovers and try this flavour-packed, filling turkey strudel recipe with wild mushrooms and chestnuts
  • Old fashioned cocktail

    Old fashioned cocktail recipe
    With glamorous vintage the height of style, take a nostalgic trip back to 1950s New York with an old fashioned cocktail
  • Larderhouse cocktail

    Larderhouse cocktail
    This smooth Larderhouse cocktail recipe from Spoken in Exmouth is as easy to make as it is to drink
  • Iced envy cocktail

    Iced Envy Cocktail
    Despite containing lots of ice, this stunning cocktail recipe from Abode Exeter has a strong, warming feel
  • Winter blazer cocktail

    Blazing winter cocktail
    This is the perfect winter cocktail recipe to make on a cold, frosty night – packed with rich, fruity flavours
  • Festive spiced negroni cocktail

    Festive Fragola Negroni Cocktail
    One the nose this festive negroni cocktail recipe from Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall is deep and intense
  • Jack Monroe’s tree biscuits

    Jack Monroe's tree biscuits recipe
    Make these pretty tree biscuits from Jack Monroe’s book, A Year in 120 Recipes, with the kids and start a new family tradition.
  • Hazelnut meringue biscuits

    Hazelnut meringue biscuit recipes
    As light as snow, these pretty tiny meringues come with a rich chocolate hit and sprinkle of chewy hazelnut
  • Edelweiss flower biscuits

    Edelweiss flower biscuit recipe
    Like winter white petals, these delicate little edelweiss flower biscuits add a touch of festive floral elegance
  • Caramel pear tart

    Caramel pear tart recipe
    This stunning caramel pear tart recipe comes from Outlaw’s restaurant in Rock. Serve with vanilla or earl grey ice cream
  • Twice baked goat’s cheese souffle

    Twice baked goat's cheese souffle recipe
    Get ahead on dinner party prep by making Paul Ripley’s twice baked goat’s cheese souffle recipe in advance
  • Roast crown of partridge

    Roast crown of partridge recipe
    This roast crown of partridge recipe with bacon and savoy cabbage, new potatoes and apple sauce makes a hearty Sunday lunch
  • Mackerel with spinach taglierini

    Mackerel with spinach taglierini recipe
    Jamie Porter’s mackerel with spinach taglierini recipe is paired with confit squid, pickled dulce seaweed, sweetcorn and chorizo
  • Mulled cider

    Thatcher's mulled cider recipe
    With four generations of cidermakers, it’s not surprising that the Thatchers family has come up with a cracking mulled cider recipe
  • Christmas pudding

    Christmas pudding image
    The festive lunch deserves a Christmas pudding to be proud of, so make this the year you make your own
  • Sloe malbec cocktail

    Sloe malbec cocktail recipe image
    This refreshing, yet warming, sloe malbec cocktail recipe really sets the mood for a glamorous dinner party
  • Wild mushroom cappuccino

    Wild mushroom cappuccino recipe image
    This quirky mushroom cappuccino starter recipe cois best served with a side of tasty dough balls and garlic butter
  • Beef bourguignon

    Beef bourguignon recipe image
    Neil O’Brien shares his beef bourguignon recipe, which is accompanied by parmesan mash and glazed thyme chantenay carrots
  • Split yellow pea and ham soup

    Split yellow pea and ham soup recipe
    ‘Soups don’t need a recipe – look at what you have, put it in a pot and make something tasty,’ says Sam Moody of The Bath Priory
  • Oxtail braised in Guinness

    Oxtail braised in Guinness recipe image
    This comforting meaty oxtail braised in Guinness recipe from Emily Watkins of The Kingham Plough is great for a chilly evening
  • Lobster, ham hock, pineapple and sage

    Lobster, ham hock, pineapple and sage
    This lobster, ham hock, pineapple and sage recipe comes from Michelin star restaurant Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen in Port Isaac
  • Roast cod with buttered savoy cabbage

    Roast cod with buttered savoy cabbage, noilly prat and clams recipe image
    Celebrate the flavours of the sea with this roast cod recipe which is served with buttered savoy cabbage, Noilly Prat and clams
  • Apple and almond cake

    Apple and almond cake recipe image
    This beautiful apple and almond cake recipe from Rosemoor Garden Kitchen is gluten free – make it dairy free by leaving off the topping
  • Spiced hot cider cup

    Spiced hot cider cup recipe image
    You can make an alcohol-free version of this hot cup by using cloudy apple juice as the base instead of cider
  • Marshmallow chocolate pecan pie bark

    Marshmallow chocolate pecan pie bark recipe
    ‘This is a wonderful marshmallow sandwich which is probably best eaten in small pieces!’ says Tim Kinnaird
  • Vanilla marshmallow mothership

    Vanilla marshmallow mothership recipe
    Tim Kinnaird’s vanilla marshmallow mothership is a great base – once you’ve mastered it your can experiment to create your own concoctions
  • Shellfish with garlic and lemon

    Shellfish with lemon and garlic recipe image
    Make this recipe at home or head to Rick Stein’s Fish in Falmouth to have the dish prepared for you by head chef Luke Taylor
  • Sloe gin

    Sloe gin recipe
    This sloe gin recipe in is fantastically easy and makes a great gift. A fab addition to game recipes, it’s almost too good to give away
  • Pear and whisky tart

    Pear and whisky tart recipe
    This pear and whisky tart recipe is perfect to pull out at those moments, when we still want a bit of warmth from our puddings
  • Apple and blackberry crumble

    Apple and blackberry crumble recipe
    Head for the hedgerows to collect beautiful berries to go in this simple apple and blackberry crumble recipe
  • Bramble pudding

    Bramble pudding
    This warming bramble pudding can be made with 100 per cent blackberries, or you can include bilberries, elderberries or raspberries
  • Pickled shallot

    Pickled onions
    Pickle this year’s onion harvest with this handy pickled onion recipe, perfect with a West Country ploughmans
  • Apple chutney

    Apple chutney recipe
    Add this fantastic apple chutney to your sandwiches to perk up your lunchtimes, or serve with cheese and crackers
  • Hot and sweet shallot pickle with mustard seeds

    Pickled shallots
    Give our hot and sweet pickled shallot recipe a try, it’s really great for a bit of naan dipping alongside your curry
  • Super speedy lemon curd

    Lemon Curd
    This easy lemon curd recipe is full of zingy goodness, try sandwiching your victoria sponge with this instead of jam
  • Pan fried mackerel

    Panfried mackerel, cucumber, avocado and lime recipe
    ‘Ensure the pan isn’t too hot in order to avoid the mackerel skin from contracting,’ says Chris Cleghorn of The Olive Tree
  • Potato, garlic and rosemary bread

    Potato, garlic and rosemary bread
    Explore new textures with this potato, garlic and rosemary bread recipe from Baker Tom, delicious with a chunky stew or soup
  • Earl grey and apricot rye bread

    Earl grey and apricot rye bread
    This fruity rye bread recipe from Baker Tom is perfect for a lazy breakfast, serve with a good helping of honey
  • Soda bread

    Soda bread
    Try adding fennel seeds and apple to Baker Tom’s soda bread recipe to give your loaf a fruity, wholesome twist
  • Cherry and vanilla focaccia bread

    Cherry, vanilla focaccia
    Try out this sweet version of the traditional Italian bread, dotted with cherries and the fragrance of vanilla
  • Walnut, cranberry and stilton bread

    Walnut, cranberry & stilton bread
    Baker Tom shares his quirky recipe for walnut, cranberry and stilton bread, delicious with on its own or paired with a favourite chutney
  • Cinnamon and apple upside down cake

    Apple cake
    This super simply apple cake recipe can be warmed up on a chilly evening and served for pudding with lashings of double cream
  • Cider bread

    cider bread
    Give your weekend loaf a twist with this cider bread recipe from Baker Tom – perfect served with cheese and homemade chutney
  • Spiced beetroot and apple muffins

    Beetroot and apple muffins
    Try something a little different for your tea time treat with this spiced beetroot and apple muffin recipe
  • Apple and cider rye bread recipe

    Apple & cider bread
    Baker Tom shares another of his fantastic bread recipes with us, this time including flavours of apple and cider
  • Apple and olive oil cake

    Apple and olive oil cake
    Serve this beautifully moist apple cake with a slice of Wensleydale cheese for a savoury afternoon treat
  • Apple and cider bread pudding

    Apple and cider bread pudding
    A modern twist on the classic bread and butter pudding recipe, serve with lashings of warm custard
  • Honey roasted tenderloin of pork

    Richard Valder of @Angela’s shares his recipe for honey roasted tenderloin of local pork with apple, sage and calvados cream
  • Damson and juniper jelly

    Damson and juniper jelly
    Diana Harvey shares her delicious damson and juniper jelly recipe, a perfect way to preserve autumn’s harvest
  • Quince and star anise jelly

    Quince and star anise jelly
    Packed full of smoky, autumnal flavours and just a whiff of anise this quirky jelly recipe is delicious with ham, pork or duck
  • Apple jelly

    Apply jelly
    Add herbs and spices to this apply jelly recipe from Diana Henry for a whole array of flavours which work well with different meats
  • Coriander cured salmon

    coriander cured salmon, avocado, fennel and smoked tomato
    Wow friends with this impressive coriander cured salmon starter from Ben Bass of The Old Quay House in Fowey
  • Chilli squid with peanut salad and coconut yoghurt

    Chilli squid
    Tom Brown, head chef at Outlaw’s, shares his fabulous Asian inspired chilli squid with peanut salad recipe
  • Confit duck leg with gratin dauphinoise

    Confit duck leg
    Matt Buzzo of Waterside Bistro in Totnes shares his recipe for confit duck leg and gratin dauphinoise
  • Blackberry, apple and almond tart

    Blackberry and apple tart
    Make the most of the autumn harvest with this gorgeous tart recipe from Tom Bally, perfect for dessert or a tea time treat
  • Plum pudding

    Plum Pudding
    Use whatever fruit takes your fancy for this fab sponge pudding recipe from Devon food champion Stella West-Harling MBE
  • Baked egg and cream custard tart

    Baked Egg & Cream Custard Tart
    Get your fill of nostalgia with this delicious custard tart recipe from Devon foodie Stella West-Harling MBE
  • Slow roasted leg of lamb

    Slow Roasted Leg of Lamb
    Treat the family to this seductively tender roast leg of lamb from Ashburton Cookery School founder Stella West- Harling
  • Bramley apple pie

    Bramley Apple Pie
    Treat the family to a hearty slice of apple pie this evening with our super simple bramley apple recipe
  • Apple flan

    Bramley Apple Flan
    You can prepare this apple flan recipe the night before a dinner party, delicious both served chilled or warm
  • Chocolate honeycomb bites

    Chocolate hokey pokey bites
    These chocolate honeycomb bites are perfect for picnics, kids lunchboxes or simply an afternoon treat
  • Squid with pepper, orange and chilli

    Squid with pepper, orange & chilli
    It’s time to fire up the barbie for this delicious squid recipe from One Man and His Caravan presenter, Martin Dorey
  • Crab, watercress, tomato and new potato hash

    Crab hash
    Martin Dorey shares his quick and easy crab recipe, perfect for late nights spent huddled around the camp fire
  • Carrot and feta patties

    Carrot and feta patties
    Try out these carrot and feta patties as a fantastic alternative to burgers whether you’re cooking in the kitchen or the caravan
  • Spiced pickled vegetables

    Spiced pickled vegetables
    Pickled veg is a great accompaniment to fish. Make a batch at a time as it’ll keep in the fridge for up to a month
  • Herb crusted cod

    Herb crusted cod
    Adding a crust to your fish helps to keep it beautifully moist, as in this herb crusted cod recipe from Pengelly’s
  • Sticky ginger tray bake

    Sticky tray bake
    Sybil Kapoor’s gorgeous ginger tray bake recipe is a tempting fusion of gingerbread, parkin and flapjack
  • Cumin and almond shortbread

    cumin and almond shortbread
    This cumin and almond shortbread recipe is excellent served with chocolate desserts or as an accompaniment to warm fruit compotes
  • Hazelnut and blackberry roulade

    Hazelnut roulade
    Perfect for pudding or afternoon tea, this roulade recipe can be made any time of year with frozen blackberries
  • Chocolate fudge cake

    Chocolate fudge cake
    Who can resist a serious chocolate fix? Sybil Kapoor shares her fantastic chocolate fudge cake recipe
  • Buckland Abbey honey cake recipe

    Honey cake
    The flavours in Sybil Kapoor’s beautiful honey cake recipe will change by the season depending on the honey used
  • Sweet potato and pumpkin seed bread recipe

    Pumpkin bread
    Tom Hazzledine of Baker Tom shares his delicious, quirky sweet potato and pumpkin seed bread recipe
  • Orange, cranberry and almond biscotti recipe

    Orange, cranberry and almond biscotti
    Nadia Pendleton’s orange, cranberry and almond biscotti recipe is a perfect partner to an after dinner coffee
  • Lemon meringue pie recipe

    Lemon Meringue Pie
    Indulge in crisp pastry filled with tart lemon filling with a cloud of golden meringue on top with Genevieve Taylor’s stunning recipe
  • Grilled spiced pheasant

    pheasant with mango and lime
    Try this exciting grilled spiced pheasant recipe, with mango and mint, as a stylish twist on an old favourite
  • Wood pigeon salad

    Warm Pidgeon salad
    This wood pigeon salad recipe from Toby Lin at The Lamb Inn is perfect for a light dinner or makes an impressive starter
  • Venison and mushroom wellington

    Chef Dave Jenkins reinvents the classic beef wellington recipe with his exciting venison version, perfect for Sunday lunch
  • Southern fried rabbit and Boston baked beans

    Rabbit and beans
    Oliver Tipper, head chef at the Wheelwright Inn, shares his delicious recipe with southern fried rabbit served with Boston baked beans
  • Wild rabbit ragu with penne

    Rabbit Ragu
    Rabbit is widely available throughout the year and has no close season. The meat is low in fat and can be used in a variety of recipes
  • Roasted venison loin

    Roasted Venison Loin
    Wow friends with this fabulous roasted venison loin recipe, served with rainbow chard and a damson jus
  • Venison schnitzel

    Venison Schnitzel
    Try out this fab game version of the classic German dish, given a modern twist with pears and sweet potatoes
  • Pheasant breasts braised in cider

    Pheasant Breast in Cider
    This warming recipe has delicious smoky flavours and is fantastic served with roast potatoes and baby leeks
  • Espresso martini popsicle

    Espresso martini popsicle recipe
    Serve this espresso martini popsicle recipe as a slush in espresso cups or make smaller ones as a nice after dinner treat with coffee
  • Cardamom poptails

    Cardamom poptails recipe
    This gorgeous cardamom poptails recipe has creamy, boozy, grown up flavours and makes a great dinner party dessert
  • English summer cup poptails

    English summer cup poptails recipe
    This English summer cup poptails recipe is fruity, refreshing, low fat and most definitely not for the kids
  • James Tanner’s brill with fennel pollen

    James Tanner's brill with fennel pollen recipe
    James Tanner brings the wow factor to the table when he transforms a simple fish dish with a touch of special seasoning
  • Nathan Outlaw’s turbot with tartare sauce

    Nathan Outlaw's fish and chips recipe
    This tasty turbot with tartare sauce recipe comes from Michelin-starred Cornish chef Nathan Outlaw. Try it at home!
  • Cod with courgette shoestring fries

    Cod and courgette shoestring fries recipe from The Halsetown Inn
    This recipe from Ange Baxter of The Halsetown Inn near St Ives is a lighter take on traditional fish and chips
  • Mitch Tonk’s fish and chips with tartare sauce

    Mitch Tonks' fish and chips recipe
    Mitch Tonks shares his popular fish and chips with tartare sauce recipe – great for a family supper in the summer
  • White chocolate and raspberry cheesecake

    White chocolate and raspberry cheesecake recipe
    Try this white chocolate and raspberry cheesecake recipe from Mark Griffiths of Spinnakers restaurant
  • Cherry Popper cocktail

    Cherry popper cocktail recipe
    Devon-based Frobishers has created a refreshing cherry drink. Serve it straight with a handful of ice, or try this cocktail recipe
  • Pork rillettes

    Pork rillettes recipe from Jools Mitchison of The Pilgrims at Lovington
    This pork rillettes recipe from Jools Mitchison of The Pilgrims in Somerset makes a great starter or light lunch
  • Fritter threads with mulberry swirl ice cream

    Bethany Kehdy's fritter threads with mulberry swirl ice cream (photography by Sarka Babicka)
    Bethany Kehdy’s mulberry swirl ice cream recipe has a slightly chewy, playful texture that goes perfectly with fritter threads
  • Shaved beetroot, radish and grapefruit salad

    Bethany Kehdy's shaved beetroot, radish and grapefruit salad recipe (photography by Sarka Babicka)
    Bethany Kehdy’s beautiful radish, beetroot and grapefruit salad recipe is bursting with flavour and colour
  • Moroccan citrus salad

    Bethany Kehdy's Moroccan citrus salad (photography by Sarka Babicka)
    Find some Moroccan inspiration with this colourful recipe from Devon foodie Bethany Kehdy
  • Creme de cassis

    Susy Atkins's creme de cassis recipe
    Susy Atkins’ creme de cassis recipe is a stylish, refreshing drink that’s surprisingly easy to make at home
  • Strawberry Pimm’s jelly recipe

    Strawberry Pimms Jelly
    Pimm’s, strawberries, jelly, what’s not to love? This sweet strawberry Pimm’s jelly is a refreshingly light adult-only pud
  • Summer pudding

    Everybody loves a traditional summer pudding bursting with berries, Chef Matt Buzzo shares his classic recipe with us
  • Strawberry shortcake sundae

    strawberry shortcake sundae
    Treat yourself to this heavenly strawberry shortcake sundae recipe, packed full of fruity flavours
  • Home-made scones with fresh strawberries

    Strawberry scones
    Add a bit of luxury to the everyday scone and serve with fresh sliced strawberries and thick clotted cream
  • Strawberries with sable biscuits and citrus syllabub

    Enjoy this deliciously fruity duo dessert from Chef James Nathan of The Green Room with a glass of something cool
  • Doughnuts with home-made strawberry jam

    Indulge your inner child with this delicious recipe for doughnuts filled with home-made strawberry jam
  • Strawberry and rhubarb cheesecake

    Strawberry and rhubarb cheesecake
    Jamie from Yeo Valley shares his picnic recipe for strawberry and rhubarb cheesecakes, served in a these super cool glass pots
  • Vanilla pannacotta with strawberry consommé

    Vanilla pannacotta with strawberry consomme
    Chris Heaver shares his delicious recipe for vanilla pannacotta with a strawberry consommé , perfect for alfresco dining
  • Mini mille-feuilles with elderflower cream

    Mini mille-feuilles
    Try out this beautifully simple recipe, layers of strawberry, cream and pastry, perfect for afternoon tea on a sunny day
  • Iced coffee

    Iced coffee recipe
    The cold brewing method results in a refreshing iced coffee that’s full of caramel and soft chewy fruit flavours
  • Lobster with saffron sauce

    Lobster with saffron sauce
    Soar Mill Cove Hotel‘s fabulous recipe for lobster with saffron sauce, jersey royal potatoes and grilled asparagus
  • Crispy calamari with lemon, parsley and chorizo rice

    Cripsy calamari
    Get ready for summer with this gorgeous calamari recipe from Mike Corbin, served with a lemon, parsley and chorizo rice
  • Hay smoked Cornish lamb

    Hay smoked lamb
    Dez Turland of Saunton Sands Hotel shares his smoking techniques with us for this beautiful lamb dish
  • Scallops with ink sauce

    Scallops with ink sauce
    Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen chef Chris Simpson shares his scallop recipe, which is perfect served with crusty bread
  • Braised and roast leg of kid

    Braised kid meat
    Ben Prior shows us how to prepare roast kid for a fantastic dinner party dish, perfect served with a fruity couscous
  • Chinese duck breast

    Chinese duck breast
    Dave Williams shows us how to prepare this quick and simple summer dish, full of rich Chinese flavours
  • Pannacotta and ginger parkin

    The Swan
    Donna Berry, chef and owner of The Swan pub in Devon, shares her versatile recipe for pannacotta served with ginger parkin
  • Squid with Cornish salami and fennel

    Squid, Cornish salami and fennel recipe
    ‘This goes down a storm at Outlaw’s Fish Kitchen, and we add purple sprouting broccoli in season,’ says James Lean
  • Fresh crab supper

    Fresh crab supper
    Fishmonger turned cookery tutor Annie Sibert shares her tricks of the trade with a guide to the perfect fresh crab supper
  • Smoky and the Wood Pit – Barbecued tikka trout

    Barbecued tikka trout
    A quick and simple recipe from Marcus Bawdon, inspiration to make the most of the barbecue this summer
  • Smoky and the Wood Pit – Barbecued seafood curry

    Barbecued seafood curry in a coconut
    ‘This recipe is a reminder of holidays in the Far East, where spicy seafood curries are served in young green coconuts,’ says Marcus
  • Smoky and the Wood Pit – Chilli barbecue black bream

    Sweet chilli barbecue black bream
    Marcus Bawdon shares his recipe for sweet chilli barbecue black bream. It’s perfect for alfresco dining on a hot summer evening
  • Fruit skewers with butterscotch sauce

    Yeo Valley fruit skewers recipe
    Cosy up by the campfire and tuck into some beautiful apple and pear fruit skewers, drizzled in butterscotch sauce
  • Crepes with cinnamon apple sauce

    Yeo Valley crepes with apple sauce recipe
    Few foods are quite as comforting to eat beside a campfire as warm crepes with cinnamon apple sauce, laden with cream
  • Campfire cider sausages

    Yeo Valley cider sausages recipe
    Ditch the kitchen, get outdoors and cook up a storm with this irresistible recipe for campfire cider sausages from Yeo Valley
  • Elderflower cordial

    ‘How beautifully the sight of delicate, frothy white elderflower blossoms conjures up early summer!’ says Susy Atkins
  • Eton mess semifreddo

    Yeo Valley's eton mess semifreddo recipe
    Make the most of the first summer strawberries with Ross Hunter’s stunning eton mess semifreddo recipe
  • Place du sud warm goat’s cheese salad

    Place du Sud's warm goat's cheese salad from Nina St Tropez by Nina Parker
    Inspired by happy memories of lunchtime walks with her grandmother, Nina’s summer salad is full of sun-drenched flavours
  • Nina’s steak

    This is a simple dish with a knockout sauce. Steak is great with chips of course, but try serving it with grilled veg for a lighter dish
  • Barbecue on the beach sea bass parcels

    Barbecue on the beach sea bass parcels
    Prepare these fish parcels at home before heading to the beach for a barbie. Enjoy with a couple of glasses of chilled, dry white
  • Alia Faisal’s mango sponge cake

    Alia Faisal's mango sponge cake
    This perfect mango sponge cake recipe smells and spells summer. It’s best enjoyed topped with with whipped cream and mango puree
  • Smoky and the Wood Pit – barbecue spider crab

    Despite the majority of spider crabs being shipped to France and Spain, you can pick one up for a song from good local fishmongers
  • Smoky and the Wood Pit – barbecue bucket mussels

    A huge mound of steaming garlicky mussels is a great way to cook for a large group of people. They’re delicious doused in cider
  • Smoky and the Wood Pit – dirty cote de boeuf

    ‘These are some seriously good steaks, no messing around with fancy little fillet steaks,’ says barbecue expert Marcus Bawdon
  • Smoky and the Wood Pit – prosciutto trout parcels

    Serve these parcels with goat’s cheese stuffed mushrooms, cheese stuffed peppers wrapped in bacon, and a green salad
  • Jamie Oliver’s roasted pork belly with Chinese five spice

    If you’re looking to add some variety to your Sunday lunch repertoire, this beautifully spiced pork belly recipe is ideal
  • Chocolate digestive brownies

    ‘These chocolate digestive brownies are a perfect combo of my all time favourites. I call them brownies with a twist,’ says Alia Faisal
  • Earl grey tea jelly

    ‘Strangely I really dislike earl grey tea to drink, but love it to cook with. I love this earl grey tea jelly with duck or game,’ says Diana Henry
  • Six hour braised lamb shoulder

    ‘After the first 30 minutes of cooking turn down the heat and relax – the dish takes care of itself,’ says James Tanner
  • Pork pibil

    ‘This pork pibil is our bestselling dish at Wahaca and one of my favourite recipes from Mexico,’ says Thomasina Miers
  • Rick Stein’s fish and chips

    Crowds flock to Stein’s fish and chip restaurants in Padstow and Falmouth to try Rick Stein’s fish and chips recipe
  • Game terrine

    ‘I love the game season – the flavours are so complex and rich. This recipe is fabulous to start or for a light lunch,’ says David Udall
  • Pork belly with red wine reduction

    There is some wonderful pork available in Devon and this recipe brings out the full flavour of all the ingredients
  • White chocolate blondies

    Blondies are like a white chocolate version of brownies. Add pecans or cranberries for an extra cool feel
  • Devon cutrounds

    This recipe for Devon cutrounds, a traditional afternoon tea treat, was sent in by Food Magazine reader Hetty Bonner
  • Cornish hake steak in rich tomato sauce

    ‘Serve this with buttered new potatoes and seasonal veg,’ says John Collins of Dennis Knights Fish Merchants in Port Isaac
  • Venison loin and blackberry sauce

    ‘This recipe is a rich winter dish, and we make it with the best Cornish game: venison from the Tregothnan estate,’ says Giles Eustice
  • Sweet potato, coconut and red chilli soup

    This sweet potato, coconut and chilli soup recipe has a beautiful colour and texture – it’s perfect for cold winter days
  • Classic pan fried lamb’s liver

    This simple pan fried lamb’s liver dish is easy to cook and very easy on the pocket. Serve with crispy bacon and mash
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